Employee Recognition

ASHLIN is proud to recognize the following employees for their dedicated years of service:

10 Year ASHLIN Employee Anniversary

Tammy Johnson- "My job has created a family environment where everybody is there for each other. People care about me as a person, we all support each other and work together to offer creative feedback to make things a reality. Both bosses appreciates me for the work I do and is always there with a listening ear."



5 Year ASHLIN Employee Anniversary

Kristian Baxter- "When you finally get settled and work with people you can call family as well as co workers it’s a blessing. I love working for Ashlin Mgmt. because they are understanding, caring, and helpful. To be placed in an atmosphere that you can call a second home is a blessing."


Opio Boyd- "The things I love about ASHLIN Management are I really love the benefit package. The Understanding, when I was going thru a difficult time ASHLIN understood and worked with me thru the whole process. Updated information, ASHLIN periodically sends me updates or any changes that’s going every time I needed a question answered, ASHLIN was right there to answer any question that I had, which gives me a really good feeling that I’m with the right company."


April Davis- "I enjoy working for ASHLIN Management because of the professional growth I've experienced that they have fostered during my time with the company."


Markia Greene- "I love working for ASHLIN beacuse everyone cares for one another and I am allowed to grow and show my potential."


Bill Renwick- "ASHLIN has been an excellent company to work for.  They have treated me like a family member and have been supportive throughout my career with them.  I appreciate all they have done for me."


Carolyn Lomax- "My colleagues are fantastic, we are a team and work as a team.  The best group of individuals I have ever worked with in my career.  That's why i enjoy working for ASHLIN Management Grouo."



We look forward to having you as an employee for many more years to come.
Please Join ASHLIN in congratulating your fellow colleagues.